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Three new eNA courses just released

The eNutrition Academy (eNA) is delighted to present three new courses as part of the African Nutrition Conference (ANEC) being held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this week (1-5 October 2018). The eNA recognises the need to support the next generation of nutrition scientists on the continent. These courses have been created by leading nutritionists on the continent and explore diverse nutrition fields from biochemical assessment; to fatty acids; to obesity. Students will explore nutrition from the micro-level to the impact of food consumption on the general public.

In Understanding Lab Data Dr Patricia K. Brown (Kwame Nkrumah University of Sciences and Technology, Ghana) challenges learners to explore nutritional assessment in more detail. This course looks specifically at the biochemical part of nutritional assessment and focuses on some laboratory tests relating to diabetes, renal function and cardiovascular function.

In Lipids and Cardiovascular Health, Dr Jacob Setorgio (University of the Cape Coast, Ghana) explores fatty acids and their structure. In Obesity and Nutritional Interventions, Dr Setorgio goes on to explore obesity and nutritional inventions on the African continent.  He challenges students to learn the differences between being overweight and being obese, the methods in determining obesity, behaviour and dietary changes.

On behalf to the trustees of the eNA, we would like to thank the course developers, reviewers and volunteers to the eNA. Without their drive and termination to support capacity development on the continent the eNA would not be possible. The eNA welcomes feedback from learners, it is only though continuous feedback can we provide appropriate content. In addition, if you would like to invest and support the eNA we would love to hear from you.

Most importantly, are you working in the nutrition field in Africa or globally? Would you like to support capacity development, whether as a course developer or as a reviewer? We want to hear from you, your expertise and knowledge is critical to aid the development of the eNA and the future of nutrition science in Africa.