Three new eNA courses just released

The eNutrition Academy (eNA) is delighted to present three new courses as part of the African Nutrition Conference (ANEC) being held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this week (1-5 October 2018). The eNA recognises the need to support the next generation of nutrition scientists on the continent. These courses have been created by leading nutritionists on the continent and explore diverse nutrition fields from biochemical assessment; to fatty acids; to obesity. Students will explore nutrition from the micro-level to the impact of food consumption on the general public.

In Understanding Lab Data Dr Patricia K. Brown (Kwame Nkrumah University of Sciences and Technology, Ghana) challenges learners to explore nutritional assessment in more detail. This course looks specifically at the biochemical part of nutritional assessment and focuses on some laboratory tests relating to diabetes, renal function and cardiovascular function.

In Lipids and Cardiovascular Health, Dr Jacob Setorgio (University of the Cape Coast, Ghana) explores fatty acids and their structure. In Obesity and Nutritional Interventions, Dr Setorgio goes on to explore obesity and nutritional inventions on the African continent.  He challenges students to learn the differences between being overweight and being obese, the methods in determining obesity, behaviour and dietary changes.

On behalf to the trustees of the eNA, we would like to thank the course developers, reviewers and volunteers to the eNA. Without their drive and termination to support capacity development on the continent the eNA would not be possible. The eNA welcomes feedback from learners, it is only though continuous feedback can we provide appropriate content. In addition, if you would like to invest and support the eNA we would love to hear from you.

Most importantly, are you working in the nutrition field in Africa or globally? Would you like to support capacity development, whether as a course developer or as a reviewer? We want to hear from you, your expertise and knowledge is critical to aid the development of the eNA and the future of nutrition science in Africa.

A Big Bold Goal

The eNutrition Academy began, as many things do, with a conversation. The Nutrition Society (UK and Ireland) had worked with the African Nutrition Society (ANS) for many years through a number of initiatives such as travel bursaries and supporting the African Nutrition Epidemiological Conference (ANEC) and enabling publication of ANEC abstracts in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (impact factor 5.347, 2017)

  In 2012 we sat down, as we had done many times before, to discuss the deepening of our partnership and how we could work together to fulfil the aims of both our organisations.  I, and the former CEO of the Nutrition Society, Fred Wentworth-Bowyer (who sadly passed earlier this year) were struck by the resolve and determination of Drs Paul Amuna and Francis Zotor, to have an African lead approach to support capacity development on the continent, to aid the development of the next generation of nutritional scientists, and ultimately to support the global future leaders who will drive science on the continent and around the world. A big bold goal, which deserved a big bold plan! From this, the eNutrition Academy was born.

The eNutrition Academy (eNA) is an independent charitable organisation which is dedicated to providing open access capacity building courses in nutritional science worldwide. By utilising global academic expertise in combination with technology it creates courses that are not only subject specific but considers geographical variations of e-learning needs, enables capacity building, networking and information flow for the learner. From those early days in 2012, NS and ANS brought additional partners onboard, namely the Federation of African Nutrition Societies (FANUS), the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) and the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS). The Board of the eNA is made up of leading academics across the world and are appointed by the partner organisations. In 2014, the eNutrition Academy was incorporated as a charity and launched the concept for online learning to the ANEC IV delegates, in Accra in Ghana. At that time the partners sought the insight from attendees to establish their requirements. The eNA Trustee board established an Academic Board, a Fundraising Committee and set about creating a pilot course to test not only the online platform but communication across the continent. After many lessons learned, including a last-minute change in platform providers, restructuring of committees, the eNA launched its pilot course Assessment of Dietary Intake for Individuals written by Professor Basma Ellahi of the University of Chester, UK in collaboration with Reginald Annan, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. This course was formally launched at ANEC V, in Morocco in 2016. To date over 200 learners have logged on and taken part in the online learning.

When launching any new product, it is important to listen to feedback from end users, make any modification necessary and ensure that it is fit for purpose. Over 25% of users completed the online survey commentating on all aspects of the pilot course to the usability of the host platform and how we can improve presentation style and methods. The eNA was delighted to present its findings at IUNS-ICN in October 2017. Dr Grace Marquis (McGill University, Canada) and member of the eNA Board presented the outcomes of Needs and Demand Survey which looked at future development of online learning in Africa. More information and can be found on the eNA website. This survey remains open and we would love to hear your thoughts.

We look forward to returning to ANEC in Addis Ababa in October 2018, to support our learners and hear from you about your requirements. In addition, we seek supporters and content developers from across the continent to lead nutritional science in Africa.

The eNA is pleased and delighted to receive so much positive support for its programme.

Courses currently under development are as follows:

  • Community Based Interventions
  • Socio-Cultural Factors & Nutrition
  • Obesity & Nutrition Interventions
  • Fatty Acids & Nutritional Health
  • An Introduction to Stable Isotopes Techniques in Nutritional Assessment

Would you like to create content? Please complete the eCourse Developer Form and email us via the contact page on the website to discuss this further.

Jennifer Norton

Acting CEO, eNutrition Academy

eNA Needs and Demand Survey: outcomes

During the IUNS-ICN held in Argentina in October 2017 the eNutrition Academy held a symposium to update the nutrition field on their work so far. Dr Grace Marquis outlined the aims and outcomes of the eNA needs and demand survey, carried out over 2017.

45 participants from academic institutions and NGOs completed the survey. The results showed the areas of the field in which participants felt e-learning training would be helpful. In conclusion the survey showed that there is a need to invest in online learning.

For more information on the eNA Needs and Demand survey the powerpoint ‘Assessment of Need and Demand for Short and Medium Term Planning by the eNutrition Academy (eNA) in Africa’ is accessible via the link below.

eNA Needs and Demand survey presentation

eNutrition Academy Needs and Demand Survey

The eNA partners have embarked upon a major drive to make learning materials and training available to African scientists, students, and practitioners through an online learning platform that is free at the point of access. In order to develop materials the eNA partners need to understand the  demand for e-learning in Africa and the experiences students and trainees have had with e-learning courses.

The eNA have created a ‘Needs and Demand Survey’ to identify needs/demand for e-learning courses aimed at undergraduates, postgraduates and other trainees in Africa. This survey will also help to identify topics of specific interest enabling eNA to develop courses on topics which are in demand.

If you are a Student, Trainee or Practitioner and would like to complete the survey please click here to access the questionnaire.

New global online nutrition academy launched in Africa today

PRESS RELEASE: Wednesday 23 July 2014, ACCRA, GHANA

A new, free to use, global nutrition training platform – the eNutrition Academy – was launched at the sixth African Nutrition Epidemiology Conference (ANEC VI) in Ghana today.

The eNutrition Academy (eNA) is a global charitable organisation. It has been created to help teach nutrition science to a new generation of nutritionists around the world free of charge; especially in parts of the world where people are most at risk of malnutrition such as Africa, South Asia and South America. The eNA is backed by five founding partners: the African Nutrition Society (ANS), American Society for Nutrition (ASN), Federation of African Nutrition Societies, International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) and the Nutrition Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Chair of the eNA Board of Trustees, Professor Catherine Geissler said:

“This is an exciting initiative that I am delighted to support. The eNutrition Academy will initially offer its online courses in Africa where there is an urgent need for capacity building. We aim to expand our operations to Asia and South America in the next few years.

“Understanding and applying nutrition science can have a significant, positive impact on public health and the huge global problems we face around malnutrition and obesity. Qualified nutritionists and dietitians have a major role to play in policy making, healthcare, education, agriculture and food manufacturing.

“Our aim is to help a new generation of highly trained nutritionists and food scientists to work with their governments, health care professionals and industry to give millions of people better quality food and better lives.”

Working in partnership with local universities and colleges, the eNA will support undergraduates, postgraduates and those already in work seeking continuous professional development. The eNA is looking for more partners worldwide, especially academics and lecturers willing to share their time and materials to support its online library of courses.

The first eNA course – Assessment of Dietary Intake for Individuals – is being launched as a pilot for testing. Other courses will follow in due course.

Notes for Editors
1. The eNutriton Academy is a charity registered in the UK. It is funded by its five founding partners: the African Nutrition Society (ANS), American Society for Nutrition (ASN), Federation of African Nutrition Societies, International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) and the Nutrition Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

2. Secretariat support is provided by the Nutrition Society for the UK and Ireland.

3. The eNA was launched at the sixth African Nutrition Epidemiology Conference (ANEC VI) in Accra, Ghana. This year, ANEC VI focussed on the theme of Food and Nutrition Security in Africa: New Challenges for Sustainability.

4. There is a range of career opportunities for nutritionists, offering professional, evidence-based information and guidance in the areas of Nutrition Science, Public Health nutrition, Food Nutrition, Sports and Exercise Nutrition and Animal Nutrition. Qualified nutritionists may work in academia or industry doing scientific research. Many work in partnership with medical professionals and health policy-makers on public health issues, or as independent consultants.

5. Professor Catherine Geissler Chairs a Board of ten eNutrition Academy Trustees drawn from each of the founding partner organisations. Professor Geissler is also President of the Nutrition Society for UK and Ireland, and Secretary General of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS).
6. More information about the work of the eNutrition Academy can be found on the web at

Welcome to the eNutrition Academy website

Welcome to the new eNutrition Academy website.

The eNutrition Academy is a new global charitable organisation. It has been created to help teach nutrition science to a new generation of nutritionists around the world free of charge

On this site you will find information about our new organisation as well as details of the courses we offer.