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Assessment of Dietary Intake for Individuals

Our first e-course is being launched as a pilot for testing.  We would value your feedback and comments which you can send us via our contacts page.  This course is intended for those thinking of taking up a career in nutrition, already undertaking an undergraduate degree or postgraduate study and need additional resources. It may also be of value to those working in the field of nutrition, who wish to refresh their knowledge in the basics of Nutritional Assessment Methods.

At Individual level, assessment of dietary intake is necessary to determine a person’s dietary adequacy, or risk. At research level, assessment methods are an integral part of dietary studies, set to determine how diet influences the health of individuals and populations.

This e-learning course brings together current knowledge and practice on dietary assessment methods, with particular focus the most common factors that need to be taken into account when selecting the correct method for analysing individual dietary intake data, tailored for an African setting.

Each lesson is delivered in an interactive, self-paced dynamic learning environment, which will use step-by-step instructions and exercises. Using sessions approach, the elearner can define their own learning path. Case studies and freely available publications that demonstrate real-life applications of the concepts and procedures being taught are included within each unit.

 Learning outcomes

  • Understand systems approach to dietary assessment
  • Identify quantitative methods
  • Apply qualitative and semi-qualitative methods
  • Recognise sources of uncertainty in true usual intakes
  • Identify and overcome measurement errors
  • Understand principles of validity and reproducibility
  • Learn about the latest technical improvements in food composition measurements

For a taster, please click here